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Man accused of claiming link to Michael Jackson appears in Natick Court

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Andre Vann stood silent before a judge. The DA says Vann masqueraded as a Jackson family member. Vann sometimes hid behind his court appointed attorney.   It’s not the first time he’s tried to dodge our camera.

“Andre can we talk to you?” 

That's Andre Vann running from our camera in January , which seemed odd, because when we checked YouTube and social media postings, it appeared Andre Vann from Plainville, Massachusetts was all about being on camera.

He posed with then Mayor Menino, and here with singers Drake, and Chris Brown. And here at a book signing in New York City with Jermaine Jackson.

Which brings us to why he wasn’t running just from this camera, but from our big question, the one he apparently didn't want to answer.

“We just wanted to ask you why you’re telling people you're related to Michael Jackson?”
Yup.  According to police reports, this guy gets people to give him money for his business ventures by telling them he's “Gepetto Jackson.” Jermaine Jackson's secret son and Michael Jackson's nephew.

Michael Jackson's nephew? Stamford, Connecticut police investigating Vann told me: no way.
Stamford, Connecticut Police, Detective Peter DiSpagna: “It’s not true,”  
Hank:“You know that?”
DiSpanga: “We spoke to the Jackson camp.”

These Stamford police reports say: Vann stated, "no" Jermaine Jackson was not his father, he just hangs around with the Jacksons so people think he is.

His Facebook pages are a gallery of Jackson-abilia!  

And it seems to work.

We found people in several states who say they've given Vann a total of at least a hundred thousand dollars.

And since our first report aired, this Massachusetts woman is now coming forward to say she’s a victim too.

Kelly, an aspiring model, says Vann promised her he’d make her a star.

Kelly: “He said he would make me big, that I would cover the whole New England area as a model.”

She says she met Vann, who called himself Gepetto Jackson, in Natick. Kelly says “Gepetto” convinced her to pay for a hotel room for a photo shoot, and to buy a laptop which he kept. She says in all she paid out about twenty-two hundred dollars. When she realized the photo shoot he promised wasn’t happening, she called Natick police.

Kelly:  “I just hope the day comes soon when he does get what he deserves.”

Natick police charged Vann with larceny by false pretense.

Vann is also facing larceny charges in Stamford, Connecticut where police say: He got $20,000 from another young woman after convincing her he was a Jackson.  

That’s where we found him in January and he clearly didn’t want to talk about it.

And today he still wasn’t talking— The judge set his bail at a hundred thousand dollars…and Vann  headed  back to jail.  His mother however,
Hank: “Tell us his side of the story, we’d love to hear his side of the story.”
denies her son did anything wrong.
Vann’s Mother: “He’s a producer honey. He runs a legitimate business and everyone wants to take him down.”

Just today we learned Vann is also wanted for a similar case in Georgia, that means police in at least three states are now on his trail.

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