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Oregon Gov. helps save woman on side of road

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PORTLAND, Ore. (WHDH) - Oregon's governor being called a lifesaving leader after what he did on the side of a Portland road.

Before becoming governor, John Kitzhaber worked as a doctor and earlier this week that training was put to the test.

What Laura Schmidt witnessed on Monday evening will stick with her forever she was sitting in traffic in downtown Portland.

"I saw this homeless guy just shaking this woman, shaking her, and he was slapping her in the face,” Laura Schmidt said.

The man told Laura that he and the woman had just shot up heroin, the woman had a pulse, but wasn't breathing.
While the man gave her mouth-to-mouth. Laura started chest compression.

"I looked around and was like, why is nobody else stopping? I've been here forever. Doesn't anyone see us here? I clearly saw something was going on and nobody stopped so I said a quick prayer,” she said.

That prayer was answered, a man showed up and he introduced himself as a first responder.
It turned out to be Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.

"She was unconscious and really blue. Clearly she wasn't breathing and I just secured her airway and breathed for her,” Kitzhaber said.

With hypodermic needles littering the ground around him the governor worked on the woman until paramedics arrived.

"I didn't really think about it until afterwards and I was delighted she was okay,” he said.

Laura Schmidt is delighted, too; delighted the governor with a strong medical background showed up when he did.

"Had he not been there she wouldn't have made it. I didn't know what I was doing. I attempted to help,” she said.
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