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DCF and Gov. Patrick can't withstand another tragedy

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FITCHBURG, Mass. (WHDH) - On one of his worst days in office-- the day he was forced to withdraw his support for Olga Roche, the governor was also forced to answer some questions.

"Don't you think this is exactly the kind of thing that makes people lose confidence in government?" asked Andy Hiller.
"No," said Governor Deval Patrick.
Hiller:  "Why?"
Gov. Patrick:  "You asked me what I thought.  I don't think it is."
Hiller:  "Why wouldn't people lose confidence when they see an agency that has a very difficult mission, and three kids have died?"
Gov. Patrick:  "Well, that's a different question than I thought you were asking me.  I have lost confidence in this agency."

Hiller:  "Aren't the facts, that if you had moved more quickly, it's possible two deaths could have been prevented?"
Gov. Patrick:  "That is by no means clear.  And from the beginning I have said, that if I thought that we would improve the safety of children by removing the commissioner or anyone else, I would do it instantly."
Hiller:  "But it might have."
Gov. Patrick:  "And that's-- there's absolutely no evidence for that.   None."
Hiller:  "Well there's no evidence that not putting in someone new might have made some changes..."
Gov. Patrick:  "My point is there's no connection between the leadership of the agency and those two deaths and that is my point."

Hiller:  "Do you believe, when you have children like this, children of last resort who are sometimes put into families of last resort, do you think in any state, the truth is, it is inevitable there's going to be abuse, and in some cases there's going to be death?"
Gov.  Patrick:   "Well, I think it's a sad truth ...it… that doesn't make it all right.  It doesn't make it any less, any less tragic.  Um, I think..."
Hiller:  "It makes it more understandable."
Gov. Patrick:    "I think, look, it happens."
Hiller:  "You don't think you stuck with her too long?"
Gov. Patrick:    "No, I don't."  

The DCF's future and the governor's are now linked: neither can withstand another tragedy. 
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