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Gov. Patrick: Memorial helps show sense of community

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BOSTON (WHDH) - After Gov. Deval Patrick spoke at the Boston Marathon tribute Tuesday 7News reporter Byron Barnett caught up to talk with him one-on-one.

Byron Barnett: You were up early this morning giving speeches. First of all, how do you think this went, was this what were you hoping this event would do and did it do it?

Gov. Patrick: I was hoping for a dignified, personal tribute, acknowledging a tragedy and celebrating the strength of community that it revealed. I think that's what we got. I think there wasn't a false note among any of the speakers. For me the most powerful contributions, everyone was powerful but the most powerful were the testimonies of the survivors themselves. I hope that they appreciate just what a source of strength they are for each other and for the rest of us as well.

Barnett: One thing that struck me; I don't know if you felt the same way. The group and there is 2,500 people, survivors, first responders, police, everybody, they were all reunited after sharing this tragedy last year. There was a feeling of reflection but there was' also a feeling of warmth and reconnection after, from a group that shared the same tragedy.

Patrick: I do think we were bound by that experience and the way that we all came together to respond to t. the way that law enforcement came together to solve the crime and the way the medical professionals, first responders came together to care for and comfort the injured; frankly, the way the whole community came together to help us heal through those acts of kindness and grace. I think there is also pride in that room and pride in this community because that strength of community is a profoundly important thing and a source of power and I think it's worth remembering it. holding on to it.

Barnett: Did you get a chance or spend with any time with the families today?

Patrick: I did. We started the mayor, the morning the Mayor, the Cardinal and I with the families of the victims who were lost laying a wreath here and then we had breakfast together. For all of them and for all of you, a very, very poignant time.

Barnett: what about Lingzi Lu's family coming from china?

Patrick: you know the both grandmothers did too, there was a translator. It was great. We did everything we could to make them feel welcome and a part of this community.

Barnett: Is there anything you can share with us that they said?

Patrick: They were glad to be here and still a little disoriented from the long flight but I think important for them and for us they were here.

Barnett: One of the themes that you hit on was you said none of us are strangers. What were you trying to say?

Patrick: In the course of the year you find that we're one or two degrees at most separated from people who were right there who experienced it in one way or another. I gave a few examples; many, many others have their own examples. It's its own example of just how interconnected our lives are. This is a part of understanding why we should celebrate community, why it's important, as I said, to turn to rather than on each other.

Barnett: Now you told the brief little story about your connection with Martin Richard. Do you really carry a picture around of him?

Patrick: His dad gave it to me when I went to visit. This is the point, when I wept to visit the family in the hospital, the day after, Bill, his dad, said ‘you know we have a picture of Martin holding your campaign sign on our mantle at home.’ There are all these incredible connections that we have with each other. That is what I meant. There are no strangers here.

Barnett: Vice President Biden said he has seen a lot of these and he has never seen a tribute like this one.

Patrick: I hope it was as meaningful for survivors and first responders and others who were directly involved as it was for the vice president.

Barnett: How are you feeling about Monday? We’ve gotten through the tribute and gotten through some tough days, the anniversary. How are you feel about things on Monday?

Patrick: We’re prepared. We have a really good, well-coordinated security plan in place and I think we certainly tried to strike the right between enhanced security and keeping it a family fun day. We’re going to have more runners, many more reporters and we're excepting nearly 1 million people.

Barnett: I spoke to a couple of volunteers at the tribute, they said that the tribute gave them comfort and took away some of their fears about coming back to return next week. They’re coming back but they were feeling a little uneasy. They thought today's exercise really helped.

Patrick: There are many people who are in need of comfort, in need of reassurance. It goes beyond security or security in the law enforcement sense but their own permanent sense of being safe in a place and safe in a community. I think that is another reason why we have to lift up community itself.
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