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SWAT members talk about capturing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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WATERTOWN, Mass. (WHDH) - A group of SWAT members spoke with 7News about the moment they surrounded a boat in a Watertown backyard knowing the accused bomber was hiding inside.

"Whenever you train you try your best to train to come up with as many different types of scenarios and as many circumstances that could be possible in the world. Every now and then though, and that day was the best example, something comes up that you never even possibly thought of. Having to take down a person in a boat on dry land, a person that had access to explosives, that was not on the list,” North Metro SWAT officer Joe Taylor said.

The members of North Metro SWAT from Revere may not have trained for it, but they were in the thick of it that night last April when they helped capture the younger Tsarnaev brother.

“We just finished up searching the last building on the last street and then we got the call for the shots fired and the man in a boat, so naturally the adrenaline dump kicks in,” Revere Police Chief Joe Cafarelli said.

Cafarelli's team was one of the closest to the scene, they moved in and surrounded the boat

“My first thought was ‘what are we going to do next?’ We were communicating over loudspeaker with him and we were trying to get a response from him. The state police helicopter was hovering overhead feeding us information,” Sgt. James Rose said.

Many of the officers expected more gunfire.

“Based on the gun battle earlier in the morning and the explosives at the marathon that’s how we expected he was going to go out; in a blaze of glory,” Sgt. David Pressley said.

Minutes later, the suspected marathon bomber appeared on the edge of the boat.

“We were concerned there were still more explosives on the boat, if not more people,” Taylor said.

But in the end Tsarnaev was alone.

After the arrest, Cafarelli's officers walked out of the secured area to a cheering crowd of grateful residents.

“Going to Watertown that day, if you asked me if I thought my team was going to be the team that apprehended the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings I never would have thought that. It was very rewarding,” he said.

Chief Cafarelli and a few other Revere police officers are running this year’s Boston Marathon in honor of the victims while other SWAT officers continue to train and remain on alert.
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