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YOUR Instinct: Should Jerry Remy keep broadcasting?

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Jerry Remy didn't hit many home runs when he played for the Red Sox from 1978 to 1985, but he hit a grand slam in 1988 when he moved into the team's broadcast booth and grew into a local legend.

Unfortunately, Remy's charmed broadcasting and business life didn't reach from home plate into his family home.  

His son, Jared, is now in jail, held without bail, awaiting trial for the murder of Jennifer Martel, his girlfriend and mother of his young daughter.

Jared has a long criminal history, 20 arrests and court appearances, and some critics link the seemingly lenient treatment he received from judges to his father's fame and fortune.

When the Sox open at home Friday, Jerry Remy will be broadcasting the game.

The Sox are standing behind him, and he says he has a right to make a living, but is the booth the right place for Remy?

To hear YOUR Instincts, we went to Kenmore Square, where Sox fans crowd before and after every game and we listened to your opinions on FaceTime and Skype.           

"If Jerry Remy was a plumber, would this be an issue?" asked Chris Tashjian, from Marlboro.
Hiller:  "No, but Jerry Remy is not a plumber."
Tashjian:  "That's true."
You gave us a major league dose of divided opinion-
Tashjian continued, "Jerry didn't do anything... he's not even justifying what Jared did.  He says it's a horrible act.  I don't understand why it's a problem.  I mean I think that people just have to let it go."

"I'm very disturbed over it," said Paul Carmine of Gardner, "because I feel that he was a factor in this young man being raised the way he was. I think he should step aside. I'm not saying step down but step aside."       
Hiller:   "What do you mean step aside, not step down?"
Carmine:  "Stay out of the lime light for a while, in respect to this girl's family."

"Well, I love the Rem Dawg first of all," said Chris Pappas of Warren. "It's a sad thing what happened with the girl and all.  To prevent him from making in a living, I don't think it's fair."
Hiller: "Do you think it could be a problem in terms of perception?"
Pappas: "The perception's probably going to be bad for him.  Uh, unfortunately that's just the way it is."               

In the shadow of Fenway Park, reviews for the Rem Dawg were similarly split:

"I think it's kind of a disgrace to keep your job," said Max Rudolph, "it's not the stable environment you want to have for your team."
Hiller: "So if you were John Henry, what would you do?"
Rudolph:  "I'd honestly let him go. I'd say, Jerry, you're a great announcer, but look at the reputation you've done with your family. It's not the type of people we want to represent our organization."     

"I think he should be broadcasting," said Nicole Doherty.  "I don't think it has anything to do with him really.  It's just like his son, but it would be weird not hearing him.”
Hiller:  "Are your parents responsible for everything that you do?"
Doherty:  "No, I don't think so.  I'm an adult now.  So, I wouldn't hold them responsible for my mistakes."           

"You know, parents have some responsibility, obviously, in raising up their children to be responsible," said Derrick Muwina.  "But they're not fully responsible for the actions of their adult children.  So, you know, I wouldn't pin everything on him."               

After listening to you, I think Jerry Remy will be in the booth for a while, but he'll be out if his son distracts the Red Sox or affects the team's TV ratings.

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