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YOUR Instinct: What should U.S. do about Ukraine crisis?

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The images of Russian troops in Ukraine are no longer surprising, but--admit it--just a week ago you may have been calling Ukraine, the Ukraine, which was its name when it was part of the Soviet Union, before it became an independent country.
And by now you know Russian President Putin ignored a warning from President Obama-- "there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine." and a threat from Secretary of State John Kerry-- "to isolate Russia politically, diplomatically and economically."

To hear what you think the United States should do about Russia, we went south of Boston to a restaurant in Milton, and west to a train station in Framingham.
But let's start on social media, where you told us your instincts on Skype and FaceTime.
Steve Hatfield from Lynn said via Skype, "I hate to say it but no one's going to help the people of Ukraine unless the people of Ukraine start it."
Andy Hiller:  "Do you think they're going to, or do you think Crimea is lost?"
Hatfield:  "I think Crimea is lost, it’s not going to be under Ukraine rule for many years, if ever."

Sam Kusanell from Milford, CT said, "I think the United States is in a difficult position. Our ability to leverage Russia is rather limited due to us needing their cooperation on issues such as North Korea, Iran, and even Syria as well."
In Framingham we heard why Ukraine is a time bomb that could explode at any time.
Andy Hiller:  "So what do you think is happening in Russia? And what do you think we can do about it?"
Fabian Williams from Boston said:  "Uh, go to war (laughs)"
Hiller: "Are you serious?"
Williams:  "Yeah, I'm serious...we need to go over there and just take care of the situation."
Hiller: 'War?'
Williams: "Yeah, that’s what I'm talking about."
Hiller:  "Do you have kids?
Williams:  "Yeah."
Hiller: "Would you let one of your kids..."
Williams:  "I'd go to war if I could, myself,"

Stephen Donnelly from Framingham said: "I think we're in enough wars already. We've bitten off more than we can chew."
Hiller:  "What would it mean for us to be in another war?"
Donnelly:  "More young guys over there getting killed."
Hiller:  "Do you think it's worth that?"
Donnelly:  "No.  I think it's their problem, not our problem."

Inside The Plate, a local lunch hotspot in Milton, there was more hope than confidence.

Patrick Ruth from Milton said, "Putin's very smart, he's got a good power play. Just how he's working it - he's a chess player."
Hiller: "And our president?"
Ruth:  "I don't know what he can do. "
Hiller:  "So what do you think is gonna happen?"
Ruth:  "I think (Putin) is gonna have his way and it'll probably develop more militarily."

Cara Bobrov of Milton said, "I think the president should take more action on it and be more decisive about what he wants to do and go with that plan."
Hiller:   "What would you advise him to do?"
Bobrov:  "Me personally um, I don't know" (chuckles)
Hiller:  "What if he doesn't know either?"
Bobrov:  "It looks like he doesn't."

Mary Sullivan of Milton said, "Well, I believe in freedom for the Ukrainian people and I don't believe Russia should have gone into Crimea, but I think Obama's in a tough spot."
Hiller:  "Do you think it ends well or not?"
Sullivan:  "I think it will end well.  (nervous laugh)  I'm an optimist."

And I'm optimistic more and more of you will be connecting with us, because as you just proved, you have very good instincts.

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