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South Boston spot savers turn to car vandalism

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SOUTH BOSTON (WHDH) - It’s been more than a week since the last snow emergency, but many people in South Boston are still saving spots.

The practice is allowed by the city immediately after an emergency is declared, but now that’s starting to cause problems.

One woman parked her car in a spot where she says there wasn’t a marker. When she went back to her car there were scratches and dents all along the side of the car.

"It's just terrible that someone would vandalize a car over a shoveled out the spot,” South Boston resident Terrance Stapleton said.

One man is taking matters into his own hands.

Dave Ivaska admits that he is moving markers where he thinks people are abusing the space saving.

"It's not the moving of the cone, it’s the abuse of spot saving. People abuse it and that’s why they get moved and that’s why they should get moved. That’s I moved them,” Ivaska said.

Other Southie residents that save spaces say they wouldn’t resort to vandalism.

"I've left a notes on cars. Pretty nicely, saying ‘next time I won’t be as nice, thanks for taking my spot’ but you can’t be caught doing that either,” Tommy Colbert said.

Ivaska insists the only one to blame for this is whoever vandalized the car.

"The person who did that ought to be ashamed of themselves. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for damaging someone’s car for having a cone out five days after it snowed. You're an embarrassment to the neighborhood,” he said.

A witness put a note on the windshield pointing police in the direction of the vandals, hoping that they can help make whoever is responsible pay for the damage.
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