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Stroller safety belt saves infant in Lawrence crash

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LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) - Anna Rivera was walking down the road with her daughter in a stroller when a truck hit the stroller and dragged it down the street.

7News has video that shows Rivera frantically chasing after the truck, the driver eventually stopped and in an exclusive video Rivera explained that her daughter, Ivianah, didn't just survive, she came out with a smile on her face.

The stroller got snagged on the side of the truck and was pulled right from the woman’s hands up South Union Street.

“I was pushing the stroller and the truck got really close, kind of tipped the stroller over, and the metal piece on the bottom of the truck just kind of took the wheels. Took it right from my hands,” said Anna Rivera, who was trying to get between the truck and a snow bank on her walk.

Rivera sprinted after the truck as others at the corner realized what happened and tried to flag down the driver.

“As a parent, yeah it’s terrifying, to see a stroller get dragged, I don’t know, 60-70 feet. To see the woman who was with the stroller chasing after a truck, your stomach drops out of the bottom of you,” Devin Calhoun, a witness, said.

You can even see what looks like a blanket fall from the stroller, onto the street, nearly run over by the back tires.

"I just wanted him to stop. That’s all I wanted was for him to stop and I was really scared because I didn’t think she was going to," Rivera said.

After traveling nearly 100 feet with the stroller, Gilberto Lizardo was stopped by drivers and pedestrians who were trying to alert him to what happened.

Lizardo said he lost sleep over the close call.

“I can't see from the mirror, I can't see anything. I almost killed a baby, I was very scared,” Lizardo said.

Inside the stroller, Ivianah didn't fall out and wasn't hurt, which Rivera said was due to her being buckled in and the stroller being pulled on its back.

“I knew that she was fine because I saw the way the stroller dropped and I had her buckled in. I'm always careful. I have four girls. I’m overprotective, way overprotective, of my kids,” Rivera said.

Witnesses say even after this close call, the woman dislodged the stroller, checked on the baby, and continued on her way.

The driver said he didn’t know he hit anything until he was flagged down; it does not appear as if he’ll be cited.
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