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Tourniquets helped save many lives at marathon bombing Video included


They are a simple solution to a dangerous problem, and if used properly, a tourniquet can be a life-saver. More>>

New gum could help prevent tooth decay in soldiers Video included


Researchers created a gum that could revolutionize the dental industry that could also help our soldiers by solving a very costly problem in war zones. More>>

Living Healthy: Digital eye strain Video included


As a nation we are mesmerized by screens but staring intently at electronic devices can lead to a type of eye stress experts call "digital eye strain." More>>

Living Healthy: World's smallest pacemaker Video included


Medtronic's newest pacemaker the Micra Trans-Catheter Pacing System is no bigger than a nickel.At one-tenth the traditional size, it's the world's smallest. More>>

Living healthy: Barry's Bootcamp Video included


Looking to shed a few before you hit the beach this summer? Well Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston just might be your answer. More>>

Living healthy: New rosacea treatment Video included


Ginger Royer first noticed her pink cheeks when she was a teen."My cheeks would get kind of red and flushed after PE and exercising and running. In the cold wind, I started to notice that my cheeks would burn a little bit,” Royer said.That redness only got worse as ginger got older, becoming something she tried to hide."I tried a lot of over-the-counter creams and medications and not much success with those," she said.Ginger decided to talk to a dermatologist about the redness and learned she... More>>

'Biggest Loser' winner talks controversy, feels 'proud' of 'healthy weight loss'

Rachel Frederickson, before and after, on "The Biggest Loser." Rachel Frederickson, before and after, on "The Biggest Loser."

When Rachel Frederickson won "The Biggest Loser" after dropping almost 60 percent of her body weight, it sparked a backlash on social media from viewers who were concerned about her extreme transformation More>>

Living Healthy: Cross Fit Video included


Combining functional movement, strength training, gymnastics, circuit training and endurance. That is cross fit. More>>

Living Healthy: Acid Reflux Video included


About 40-percent of all Americans deal with a situation that's tough to swallow. A new procedure is really easing pain for people with severe acid reflux. More>>

Healthy, wealthy and wise: America's fittest city is...


Where in America should you go if you want to be "healthy, wealthy and wise"? TODAY's special series looks at top places in the US in each category — and you may be surprised at the winners. More>>

Living healthy: Cervical Cancer


After her first baby, Danielle Hargrave waited a few years to have a second, But her hopes were dashed when she found out she had cervical cancer. More>>

Flu shots, messy desks and healthy college meals

Today in 7Healthcast: Get your flu shots, eat healthy at college and don't worry about your messy desk. More>>

Living Healthy: Osteoporosis


If you're a woman over age 50, you have a 50-50 chance of breaking a bone because of osteoporosis at some point. More>>

Living Healthy -- Node transfer for lymphedema patients


Battling breast cancer often continues long after surgery. In many patients who have had their lymph nodes removed, a painful condition may develop.  More>>

Living Healthy -- Parkinson's Disease


Early detection is a crucial step to understanding the cause of Parkinson's disease, and Boston Medical Center is leading the way in research.  More>>

Living Healthy -- Liver scan


The liver has the important function of clearing the body of toxins, and when it doesn't work correctly it can be deadly.  More>>

Living Healthy -- Tips for staying safe in extreme heat


Extreme heat is not only uncomfortable - it can be deadly. More>>

Living Healthy -- Transitioning kids sleep schedules for school


It's back to school time - but many kids aren't ready for that pre-dawn wake up call. More>>

Living Healthy -- New hair restoration treatment helps hair loss


Every woman has complained of having a bad hair day. More>>

Living Healthy -- Battling pancreatic cancer


When it comes to pancreatic cancer, early detection and treatment are key but so much more needs to be done when it comes to research and funding. More>>

Living Healthy -- Taekwondo therapy for students with disabilities


Many people take taekwondo classes for strength and enjoyment but for some, the classes are teaching a far greater lesson. More>>

Living Healthy -- Researchers working on device to controls blood pressue


Researchers are working on a new way to control high blood pressure. More>>

Living Healthy -- Advancements in laser eye treatment


A big advancement in laser eye surgery - it’s a new device that could be the fastest in the world correcting vision in a matter of seconds. More>>

Living Healthy -- Easing, and preventing 'bleacher back'


Watching your kids play sports is always exciting but sitting in the stands for hours can be a pain- literally! More>>

Living Healthy -- Probiotic study to help babies with colic


Researchers are investigating whether a probiotic might be helpful to reduce stomach inflammation in infants with colic. More>>

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